Monday, May 5, 2014

It's May

Well another week down in the books of Mzee Thomas.
So this week was both good and bad.  Good because we really worked hard and had some great lessons.  Bad because we lost more than half of our investigators.  I'm not even sure what happened.  All the sudden people were just going AWOL on us! But no worries, its the name of the game!
But the real positive thing this week was that our investigators in Sikhendu are still doing great! We only have 4 of them that side, but all are progressing well to their bapt. date on 1 June.  Had 2 great lessons this week with Emmanuel (18).  He is doing awesome with keeping his commitments and reading the Book of Mormon.  He is super powerful! He walks 1 1/2 hours just to meet with us and to come to church! Super devoted and is really growing a strong testimony!! he is really sacrificing a lot to learn more and come closer to the Savior.  But sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven! And that's the truth.  Also with Flora and Mercy (15,16), they are still doing great.  Almost done teaching them all of the lessons, but we will probably go back and review the Restoration with them again.  Interesting lesson with our other investigator there, Maricle (30).  When we got to her place (which is also directly connected to the duka/shop they own), we got the DIRECT smell of smoke and alcohol... and her husband was there with his crew breakin that Word of Wisdom.  Really sad to see.  We weren't really even able to teach her at all because of it.  There was going to be no way that the spirit would have been there if we taught.  It was definition bad new bears! So word of wisdom will be taught next time.  But we hope that things work out with all of them.
Rough week in Kitale though.  Lots of bounced appointments and just lost a lot of our investigators.  We have really been trying hard to contact and call them, but its either they have their phones off or they just don't answer.  We are just really worried that many of them have heard bogus rumors about the church, so they got scared off.  Its a big challenge for a lot of people here.  Even one of our most solid investigators, Willis, just moved to Eldoret! eish.  But its ok, he is staying really close to the Elders who work their, so we hope that things will work out with him. 
But in Kitale, we do have one progressing investigator who we really working with, Gaubencia.  But oh my goodness, she is super stubborn!! haha i really love her but so stubborn!! really has some deep Catholic views.  But she comes to church every week, and is the sister to a really strong member and stays with them.  So they really help her a lot.  But we had a really great lesson this week with her about the Plan of Salvation, talking about life after death.  It was really cool to see her really come to understand what happens to us after we die, just because she really had no idea about it.  She is still yet to accept a bapt date, but i know that one day she will!!
Also did some more street contacting this week. One funny thing.  I started talking to this one lady about the church, and her little 7 yr old kid was just standing there, just minding his own business, acting all innocent.  But he wasn't! Let me tell you why. As i was talking to his mom (as we are in the middle of the street), all the sudden, he just drops his pants and starts peeing in the middle of the street.  No shame whatsoever.  Just went for it.  Lets just say i got hit by some debris and shrapnel.  Its pretty normal to see actually, but not in the middle of town.
Also, happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Its not celebrated here, but its ok we will still make tacos tonight! haha.  Love you all!!! HAPPY EARLY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!!!!! i love you!!!!! talk to yall soon!
Elder Thomas

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