Monday, May 12, 2014

Phone Call on Mothers Day!

Habari zenu,
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!!! again haha
But this week was something else. Started off like the worst week of my mission yet, but ended up being really great in the end.
The beginning of the week was really rough. Almost all of our appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday got canceled. People were just bouncing us, not showing up to appointments, and also the rain was a big problem.  It gets to muddy for people to travel around, so that contributed to a lot of the problems as well.  It was super frustrating just because me and Elder Dick were really doing our best to set good plans and make the day as efficient as possible, but it was just one of those weeks where nothing was seeming to go right at all. 
So the first 4 days of this past week were just like not enjoyable at all.  But Friday was the turning point! We did our street contacting activity again, just trying to talk to everyone possible that passed our way.  It was cool because we set up close to the Kitale District Hospital, so people were piling out of that place! SO within 2 hours, we were able to contact and talk to 200 people, with the help of our Branch president and 2 other branch members.  That really got my spirits up and got me more motivated and refocused.
After that, we had a super great lesson with Walter (one of the guys we contacted thru street contacting a month ago.). So it has been a pretty long time since we have been able to see Walter, just because of how far away he lives and just because of some other different reasons.  But the lesson we had with him was super powerful! So last time, we taught the restoration to him and also about the Book of Mormon.  So we followed up to see if he had prayed and read.  He went on to tell us that he had read up to the Book of Alma, and really came to see how great the Book of Mormon is.  At first, he said that as he read it he was getting absolutely nothing out of it (English used in it is difficult sometimes for people to understand). But he said that he was super determined to know about it, so he prayed and asked God for help.  He said that after some few days of reading, he knew for sure that it was true! Ohhh it was soooo awesome! Spirit was super strong, and we knew for sure that the Holy Ghost was testifying to him that the Book of Mormon, and the church, are true! We went on to teach about the Plan of Salvation and it was great.  He had lots of questions and really came to learn a lot of things that he said he never knew about, like where we came from.  But showed him Jeremiah 1:5, and he was like "wow!". haah.  Really great lesson, and we really hope that he continues to progress well. 

So Sunday, we decided to fast for the area. Just because the past few weeks have just been discouraging with a lot of our investigators droppin us and just not keeping commitments.  So we fasted and asked for help to do our best to continue to work hard and be diligent, and also that the members might get more involved and be able to give us referrals to teach.  Even recently, we have been teaching all of the members the message of the Restoration, trying to just spark their testimonies about the church.  So at church, the Lord really gave us an immediate response to our fast! In a very unexpected way.  We were in the PEC meeting 20 minutes before church with the branch president talking about different matters.  Randomly, the branch president looks around at everyone, and then at me, and says "Elder Thomas, i don't think that we have ever heard you give a talk here before. Can you give a talk today?" at first i was like ohh snap, not again.  I have to give another talk right on the spot? But, then as i thought about it, i could see that it was a chance for me to speak on missionary work and get the members motivated! so that's what i did. Did my best to prepare a 15 minute talk in 20 minutes, and then just went for it and relied on the spirit. And it actually turned out really well.  I felt like i did a good job and that i got the message of doing member missionary work across.  Really hope that the members can get motivated from this, and that the work and really excel from this.  But just a super cool experience, just seeing that the Lord does really hear and answer our prayers, in ways that we don't expect. But its always the way it needs to be. 
But so happy i could talk to all of you yesterday!!! So great to hear from all of you!!!
I love you all and have a goood weeek!!!!
Elder Thomas

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