Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope that everyone had a great Easter Sunday and remembered the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To be honest i almost forgot it was Easter.  Didn't see the Easter bunny unfortunately.  No fun festivities, but i felt like people were more hyped up for Palm Friday and Good Friday than Easter Sunday.  Especially Palm Friday.  Saw a ton of people out in the street mobbin around with palm leaves doing some goofy things with them and chanting and i don't know what else. Pretty interesting tho.
This week we got transfer news, and elder Maduna has been transferred to Nairobi.  So my new companion is Elder Dick.  He is from a small town in N. Carolina, and has been on mission for a few months.  He is a great guy.  One thing that's kind of different with him is that he really likes kids and likes to play with them. Elder Maduna really hated kids and like would tell them to go away, so its just something different haah but its cool. 
But this week was really nice! First off we got to watch all of General Conference finally! It was great.  My favorite was Elder Uctdorfs talk, Sunday morning, about choosing to be grateful. Made me think of Me, Ben, and Dad at Del Taco a few years back...... hahaha! But I just really liked how he talked about how we should be  grateful in all our situations, both good and bad. I liked how he talked about how sometimes we are looking for the end, making the example of a rainbow, but we forget to be grateful for the rain.  I really thought that was awesome and it really applied to me.  But all the talks were great. I'm glad that we have living apostles and Prophets who help guide us today!
On Friday we did the street boarding/contacting activity again.  It turned out really good! We found 2 new investigators from it, both of which came to church! One interesting contact tho.  I went up and greeted a group of like 5 people who were talking.  I started talking to the guy who kind of seemed like the leader of the group i guess.  So i started talking to him, and then he said randomly, "Do you have a bible?" i was like um ya i do. Then he asked me if he could see it.  So i gave it to him, and he pulls out a scripture. Then out of nowhere he starts blasting this other guy sitting next to him. they both started arguing with each other about some stuff, I think the other guy was a 7th day Adventist, so they were blasting each other on which day is the correct sabbath day.  After like 5 minutes of this i was just like ok just give me my scriptures back so i can go.  interesting.
Things in Sikhendu are gettin better as well.  We have 4 solid investigators there with baptismal dates, and they all came to church and enjoyed general conference.  In Sikhendu, some lady came up to us and started bible bashin with us.  Ha i hate bible bashing so much.  Especially with stubborn people haha.  He was just trying to say that our church does not worship Jesus Christ, but that we worship the devil and Mormon... some goofy stuff like that. We tried to kindly explain what we believed to her but she wouldn't have it. Finally i was just like look lady, look at what our tag says "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints". I was like well there you go.  She kept quiet for a little bit, but still didn't want to believe it.  Its sad that people have such beliefs about the church. Just goes to show you that Satan is hard at work these days, and is fighting in anyway he can.  But no unhallowed hand can stop the work, it will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent! Just glad that we have the truth.  Its just up to us to share it with others, and let them choose. 
Other than that things are going ok.  The work seems to be picking up and we hope to have some baptisms at the end of this transfer, but we will see.  I love you ALL!!
Elder Thomas

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