Monday, September 1, 2014

1 September 2014

Well... on to September! August flew by soo fast!

But this past week was pretty cool.

Oh ya forgot to tell you who my new comp is ..... its Elder Maduna... again!! hahah we were with each other in Kitale just for one transfer, now we are back together in Nairobi!! hahah its pretty cool and i am happy to be with him again.  

Well, being in the office is a little bit different because you dont get as much time for proselyting.  We have 2 days of the week where we go to the office to do some office work, like working with referrals that we get through the church referral system. We have to call and contact the people, and if they live in a place where the church is not there yet, we send them some church materials like pamplets and the Book of Mormon.  We also drive missionaries around, for exchanges (because we are not allowed to use matatus right now), taking people to the dentist and doctor, and just doing some other things for the assistants and President Hicken.  So this week, we only had one full day of proselyting... the rest we had to do office work and then try to proselyte haha.  But its ok.  

One cool thing about serving in Upper Hill is that the church and the office are in the same compound, so sometimes Presiden Hicken gets to teach with us.  Its kind of intimidating having him there, just because i don't want to say something stupid or something haha but its really great having him teach with us.  He is a great teacher, and teaches the doctrine simply and clearly.  The spirit is always super present when we teach with him.  I really love president Hicken!

Even it was cool on Thursday, President Hicken did a leadership training for us and the assistants. He showed us a movie called "The Caine Mutiny" (its an older movie).  Its not a movie produced by the church, but he had us watch it in a gospel related way, and paused at certain parts to point out gospel related leadership attributes and things.  In summary, the movie is about this minesweeper ship during WWII  that has a really bad reputation and lazy crew.  I goes on to show how the ship has some different leaders, and how these leaders play a huge part on how the the ship and crew act and do things.  President Hicken was really pointing out one of the leaders, who he likened to be a consecrated missionary.  How he never complained, did exactly what he was told to do, and was always positive and set the example for the rest of the crew.  One of the big things i learned is that if you want something to change or things to happen, make the difference and set the tone of things. This is applicable for all of us.  That there will always be people who complain about things and have a poor attitude.  But if you want things to get any better, be positive and go out and do something about it.  So it was a great training, and i really appreciate how pres Hicken is really trying to help us to become better leaders, and just better men.  

The work is not bad.  We have a few people with a baptismal date.  We are really working hard with this guy named Gerrald.  We are planning to have a bapt date on September 14 for him.  He is progressing really well and is a very intelligent guy.  But man can he talk!! haha if your not careful with him, he can get going and there is no way for him to stop talking! hah but a wonderful guy.  Also another guy named Jackson, who was a referral from a member. He is doing great and we are planning for him to be baptized on the 28 of this months, but we will see.  Also, we are working with a lot of recent converts in this area.  

One thing that has been pretty cool since I've been here is that i have been able to see a lot of people from my first branch I served in, Rongai.  Its way cool to see some of the members again!!  One of which, Bro Ondiego (who is now the Branch pres there), works in the office so i see him almost daily.  Even this week we drove the sister missionaries from Rongai to the dentist, and afterwards had to drive them back, so i got to see Rongai again.  It brought back sooo many memories!!! haha its was way cool.  

But things are going well.  Im enjoying things and loving my mission.  Im especially grateful for the things i am learning.  


Elder Thomas

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