Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014


Ya that's more shang coming right at ya strait from nairobi!! 

So, another good week out here in Nairobi.  

This week, we had to drop quite a few of our investigators, which was pretty sad.  A lot of them just disappeared... we try to contact and call them, but nothing.  Just the way it is.  But on the bright side, we have found a lot of potential investigators this week as we were tracting and street contacting! Only problem we have is that a lot of them live far, and we cant take matatus.... so the only way to meet with them is for them to come to the church.  It stinks because it makes it a lot less likely for them to be able to meet with us, but it also helps us to find out who is actually serious.  So this next week will be interesting to see if we can meet some of these new people.  Even it was way cool on sunday, one of the guys we contacted on the streets came to church and brought his friend!! His name is Aggrey, and his friends name is Issac.  Both are like 6'4'' or 6'5''... big boys!! But we will meet them again this week and see how interested they are.  Both of them loved coming to church and loved the teachings, so that's a good sign.  

This week, we had our MLC (mission leadership training) in Nairobi.  So elder Maduna and I were busy arranging things and picking people up.  But the MLC was really nice.  We discussed some things that could be improved in the mission to help us to be more focused and just better as missionaries.  

Also, one really cool thing this week, on friday president and sister Hicken invited Elder Maduna, me, and the Assistants for an activity with them!! We played this game called Bocce ball (its where you have a little white ball, you throw it in within the boundaries of the field, and then there are two teams with different colored balls and they try to get their balls closer to the white ball, and you get points and i dont know how to describe it but it was a ton of fun!). Then!! They took us out to one of the best chinese food restaurants in Nairobi.... Fang Fang.  Ya it was the first time in my whole mission to have chinese food.... and yes i enjoyed it!! Its hard not to like Curried Beef with prongs and ice cream.... wow! It was really nice being around the Hickens, and seeing them in a different setting.  Ton of fun!

We still have Jackson and Gerrald progressing towards baptism.  We might have to push back Jacksons date just because we can only see him on sundays, but he is a super humble guy and is doing well.  We were not able to see Gerald this week, his phone was off the whole week, so we are a little bit worried about him.  But we hope to see him this week and see what's up.  We also put another great investigator on baptismal date, Nifred (20 yrs, girl, idk why her name is Nifred but its ok). She was introduced to the church by a friend on Facebook, from South Africa.  Then she meet a return missionary and he showed her to the church and introduced her to us.  So she already has a ton of support, even after we met her on Sunday, they were having a YSA activity, and some of the YSA came up to her and invited her in!! So i really think she will continue to do well, especially with all this help from the members.  And thats the way it should be!! Member involvement.  

I also finnished the Book of Mormon again this week.  I think this is my 3rd time on my mission but i dont remember.  But wow, i learned sooo much from it this time.  I have really enjoyed reading it everyday, and have just felt a big sense of peace as i have read.  I think ive already said it before, but the biggest thing i learned was about being converted unto the Lord, and just the whole process of conversion.  That has really stuck out to me and has been something that i have really been focusing on and thinking about.  I'm grateful that our Heavenly Father has given us the Book of Mormon, it really does bring peace and understanding to our lives, being able to see what we need to do to return back to our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ.  Read it!! 

Also, on a random note, on tuesday we had to help transport the Rongai sister missionaries around at night.  First, it was cool to be in Rongai again.  But here is was i wanted to tell about.  To get to their flat, you have to go down some dirt roads, which are pretty littered with bars and pubs.  So as we were driving it was dark, so i wasnt able to see everythihng.  So as i was driving, all the sudden elder Maduna yells "Ahhhhh!! drunk guy!!!" and before i knew it this super, super drunk guy SLAMS into the car and then stumbles away.... hahahahahah!! The sisters were screaming and elder Maduna and I were laughing hahahah!! And then i thought to myself... ya, the Word of Wisdom makes a lot of sense.  

Well i love you all!! have a great week!!!
Mpaka wakati mwingine.... kwahereni..

Elder Thomas mwenyewe

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