Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last week of September

Sooo another fast week!! and the last week of the transfer.

Yesterday we got transfer news.... and I will be staying in Upper Hill.  But Elder Maduna is leaving, and is the new assistant.  And my new companion..... or maybe not so new.... is Elder Nyambita!!! My trainer! Ha he and elder Maduna just switched places, so i will be only with elder Nyambita one transfer because next month he goes home.  So it will be exciting to be with him again!!! 

But this past week was not bad.

Tuesday, we went on exchanges with the Elders in Athi River, so i was able to be with Elder Bradford, from Spanish Fork UT.  It was a really nice exchange, we got a lot of work done there and it was a lot of fun.  Even, some drunk guy (who unfortunatly is a less active member) came up to me and gave me a nuggie.... haha it was funny but also weird at the same time.  

Thursday, we had to wake up early, 5:00am to drive president Hicken and the assistants to the airport.  Then we sat in traffic for 2 hours.  Then the rest of the day was spent taking some of the sisters in our zone around to the doctors, and then picking President up at night.  

Friday we got to go on exchanges with the assistants, so i went with Elder Pehrson in Riruta.  Nice exchange, and we met some powerful people !! One of which is named Peter.  Here is his story. He is a fairly well off guy, not struggling too much.  But one day, he was walking around and he noticed some garbage on the side of the road.  In the garbage, was a Book without a cover.  He said he felt like he should take it and start reading it.  He said that the book talked a lot about Jesus Christ and his gospel and that what it taught was very clear.  Although he did not know that name of the book, or from which church it came from.   Eventually he found out it was the Book of Mormon.  A few weeks later, a friend of his, who is a member, invited him to the church open house.  Since then he has come to church every week and has a bapt date.  POWERFUL!! the Lord prepares people in many ways.  

Saturday, mostly just tracted, but we went with 2 of the ward missionaries, so it was fun.  Then latter in the day President Hicken invited us and the assistants to play Bocce ball with them, then they took us out to eat at one of the nicest restaurants in Nairobi.... ya, they had ribs!!! So ya you could say i really enjoyed that!!

Sunday was nice, we were able to teach a lot of our investigators.  Juvenal is still doing great, along with Jackson, Kevin, and Gerrald, all of which (if all goes as planned) will be baptized in October.  

But thats all for this week!! days are flying... but i love each and everyday and especially being so close to the spirit, and helping the Lord out in His work. Remember, no effort is lost, every small act of love and kindness we render to those around us can become great. Love you all!!

Elder Thomas

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