Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daniel finally gets to watch conference

Decent week this week.
But to start thanks soooooo much for the package, it was awesome! I loved all the goodies and the shirt was nice. it was good to have some quality US food for a change, although i kind of got a little sick because i ate to much sweets! haha. But Elder Gideon also says thanks for the goodies, because i gave some out at our district meeting this week! haah everyone loved the sweets.
But a few cool things happened this week.  While me and elder Nyambita were waiting at the matatu bus stage for a ride to get to Langata, this guy came up to us.  He started talking to us like he knew us, so we were like umm who is this guy? but we came to find out that his name is Ted. He is a BIG loving guy who apparently used to meet with the missionaries but then stopped for some reason. he told us that he would like to meet with us again, so we got his number and will try to meet with him soon. I also started talking to him about sports, and he said he loves ARSENAL! haha and he said he also works at this shop that sells soccer jerseys, so he said that he could give me a discount on a jersey! so that was cool.  I also had a cool experience in the matatu the same day. We were sitting in the back of the matatu (which is super cramped) and then this guy squeezed in between us. haha we were packed super tight! but i took advantage of this and began talking to him. His name is Paul and he lives close to Rongai. He seemed really interested in the church and me (because I'm American) and started to ask me lots of questions. So we talked for a while, and i got to find out that Paul is not like most Kenyans. First, he doesn't like to speak Swahili, he likes English more!! haha so i was like me too! Second, he loves to swim, which is something that many Kenyans do not like. many of them are afraid of water and will not get close to open water or rivers. So that was kind of cool, and we will meet with him this week.
But this week we also got to watch conference!!!!! hahah i was sooo excited to finally see it. it was soo goood.  I enjoyed every minute of it and took so many notes haha. I especially liked the examples and stories of Africa! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! haha. I also liked the reference to the Mesa Temple, I got all excited when i heard that, but nobody else seemed to care hahaah.  But my favorite talk was by D Todd Christofferson, where he talked about Redemption through Jesus Christ. It really hit me the hardest. And i also liked his story referring to "Le Miserables"! hahah i couldn't help thinking about when we as a family went to see that movie! haha but i loved the reference he made to "Forget not, Never Forget". I think that that will be my new personal motto! But it really showed me that we always need to be mindful of the Atonement and how it is applicable and should be a main focus of our lives. But all of the talks were good. 
Also this week i got the opportunity to get a ride on a piki-piki! haha piki-pikis are basically super crazy dirt bikes that people can get rides on. So one night we needed to be home before it got to late and we were like 1 hour walk away from our home, so we called a piki-piki driver to pick us up. it was super crazy! hahah he was going super fast through ally ways and dirt roads but it was soo much fun! haha crazy stuff
But all is going well with me.
I hope everyone is doing fine, and I'm super sad about Daisy. she was the best dog ever. But no worries, we will see her again in heaven! and she wont be fat there, she will be skinny again! haha. but love you all and remember "FORGET NOT, NEVER FORGET!!!"

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