Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013

Hi hi hi,
This past week has been up and down, but more up! I've really enjoyed serving with elder Diodati so far, he is such an awesome guy!  we are always having fun and enjoying the work. He is pretty hyper though... haha but we still get work done.
But this past week has been a little discouraging. A lot of our appointments this past week got bounced.. so there were a lot of times of us trying to look for something to do. Seems like our area is in a little ditch right now, but we are praying and hoping that things will start to get better. But Elder Diodati has really helped me not get too down on myself and has helped me to stay more positive, which is exactly what i needed.
But we are starting to get some good new investigators. One of which is Nicholas and Beatrice. Nicholas is a security guard that works outside of the Barclays bank. He saw us walking and stopped us and asked us about our church. He said he was really interested in learning more, so we got to meet with him and his wife. They are super super humble people. They live in pretty dismal circumstances. They live in what is basically a shed used to store bananas, but they turned it into their home. But I've had one of the most spiritual lessons with them. They were super attentive and understood everything really well. The spirit was super strong and it was an awesome lesson. If all goes well, they will be baptised sometime at the end of June.
Even though things are tough now, the work goes on!
But we got to go to the Crocodile farm, Mamba Village, last week. It was super awesome!!! I had so much fun and the crocodiles were huge! Ha i even got to hold one!!!!!! and crazy thing, we got to hold a tortoise, and while i was holding it I was about to put it on my head to take a cool picture haha, but just before i did the thing started peeing everywhere!! I got a little on me hahah it was super gross i just wanted to throw the thing! But moral of the story, don't hold tortoises because they will pee on you.
But all is well. School is out!!! yeah!  and Emmy is looking good!! no more braces haha.
love you all
Elder Daniel Thomas

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