Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

So this was a pretty crazy past week.  I got to say goodbye to elder Nyambita as he is off to Busia and hello to Elder Diodati! haha.  So on Wednesday we were expecting that the office elders would come pick up Elder Nyambita at 1:00 in the afternoon.  So we were waiting for them and they never came... ahah.  So we called them at 4:00 and they said they were a little backed up but they would be there soon.  Turned out that they didn't come until 11:30 at night... hahaha. But once they got there they dropped of elder Diodati and me and him became like instant friends! haha we have a ton in common, like sports, games, and just personality. he likes to laugh a lot to which is nice.  He reminds me a lot of Dallin Gherkins and Spencer... haha so he is a crazy guy for sure! But he is a great missionary. He is from Toronto Canada, and also has a little brother out serving a mission. So he is like Me and Ben! But he also knows a ton of swahili and speaks it pretty fluently (he served in Arusha, Tanzania and learned it there) so he has already helped me kabisa (a lot) learn swahili. But i am glad to be serving with him and we are going to work hard and have a lot of fun!
But right now the work here is kind of tough.  A lot of the people we are teaching are just kind of inconsistent and they bounce our appointments a lot.  People are constantly moving around as well which is tough!  But yeah things are tough right now, but Heavenly Father probably wants me to learn something, so i just gotta keep on grinding though.  But we are still teaching Sis Favor, and she is doing really well.  She tells us that we are her best friends and that she can really notice something special and different about us and our church. So we hope that she can get baptized next week.  But right now we are really trying to work with the branch in helping us find people to teach. 
Right now its crazy because me and Elder Diodati are both 2 white guys walking around an all black community... so yeah you can say we draw a lot of attention! haha. but its good because people are always stopping us and asking us about what we do. So we take advantage and teach them the Gospel! But also some people ask us for money and to take them back to the USA and Canada, so that kinda is tough.
But all is well with me. I got all of your letters this week ASANTE SANA!!!!(thank you very much).  They were great and i loved them. My companion saw the one Joe wrote and was like who is Dayo??? hahaha its me but only our family knows that! hah. Sorry to hear about your head mom... glad you are better though! Ha you might be turning into Joe with the head injuries, but i hope not hah.  But i love you all so much!
Elder Daniel Thomas

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