Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Call!

Happy mothers day to the best mom in the world!!!
Hope that everyone had a good week and i really hope that Mom had a wonderful mothers day! it was great to talk to everyone.
This past week has been pretty good. So we received transfer news this week. So i will still be here in Rongai, but i am going to be the district leader. So it will be interesting to see how things go with that. My companion, elder Nyambita, will now be going to Busia, which is on the Ugandan boarder! sad to see him go but he will do well there. So my new companion will be Elder Diodati! he is from Toronto, Canada and has been out on the mission for 16 months. He will also be my first white companion! not quite sure how to take that... hah but it will be fun to be with him. We will also no longer have Sister missionaries in Rongai, but two more elders serving here.
But this past week has been nice. The work is really starting to pick up a lot, which is exciting! this past week we committed 3 of our investigators to baptism! and all of them seem very excited to be baptized. so we just hope that all of them continue on the path that will help them draw closer to Christ!
Cool experience. This week at church, two random guys showed up. we had never seen them before so we went and talked with them. The two guys, John and Nardos, are brothers who have recently moved to Rongai. John is a return missionary from Uganda and is about 26 yrs old. Nardos is 22 and has said that he wants to really serve a mission soon. So it was cool to have these two new members (or so i thought) in the branch. Although, as the day went on, i came to find out that Nardos is not even a member! and he already wants to serve a mission! hahah i was like woah that's crazy! but he really wants to be baptized so he can serve a mission like his brother. So we are going to work with him. But he is not even a member and wants to serve a mission already! hah crazy good stuff.
Also at church this week i was asked to give a talk on "an attitude of gratitude". And this has probably been the first time that i have been excited about giving a talk at church. I was excited because i knew exactly what story i would share about how i came to become grateful... the story of me, Ben, and Dad at Del Taco!!! haha its a historic and unforgettable story in the Thomas family! hah so i talked about that story, and also on how we need to develop greater gratitude for the Plan of Salvation, and especially the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was a super spiritual experience for me to be able to share with the branch the importance of our Savior Jesus Christ. I always love talking about the Atonement and how very grateful i am for it, as we all should be for it. A lot of people said i did a really good job and that they loved the story!
Glad i got to call home! great to hear from all of you!
Love you all so much and always be grateful for all the many things that we have (especially Moms)! much love
Elder Thomas

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