Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

Habari yako famalia!
This past week has been pretty good. Today we had an awesome p day! we got to go to Buru Buru for a Nariobi zone missionary sports day!!! haha it was nice to be able to play sports and exercise for a change. first time I've played sports in 3 months... haha.  But it was great and i got to meet a lot of the elders serving here in Nairobi.  We played basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and of course soccer! haha none of the elders are really that good at soccer... some of them looked like they played like girls or something. A lot of the elders here don't seem to be to coordinated with their hands... haha! But when we played soccer, man the African elders are crazy good!! ha so it was a lot of fun today. Unfortunately one of the church windows got broken by a kicked soccer ball, so that was unfortunate. but hey boys will be boys! haha just kidding.  But finally i was able to dunk a basketball! haha i did it twice in a row. I guess it took me coming on a mission for that to finally happen.
But the work is going well here. No baptisms, but we are hoping to have 2-4 at the end of the month, so we are really working towards that.  We met two cool guys this week. One is a referral from the branch president, Joshua.  We met him at the presidents house, and he was really interested in learning more.  We showed him the book of Mormon and read some scriptures from it and he was like "wow. this book is so beautiful. i have to read it!" he kept saying how beautiful it was haha it was pretty funny, but also really nice. so we hope to start meeting with him. Also meet this guy martin. he is a referral from the Upper Hill Elders.  He was really excited to meet with us. he told us that he used to be religious, but stopped going to church for a while, but said that he was looking for a new church to join. So that was great news to us! i think that we found him at the right time to hear the gospel.  hah but he is awesome and seems to enjoy church.  God is really preparing people to hear the gospel which is awesome!!
Also funny thing. Some huge guy, probably 300 lbs stopped us the other day and started talking to us.  He asked me if i was American, i said yes, and he got all excited and said that he used to be a truck driver in the north west states.  He kept saying how amazing it was to see an American! haha he kept shaking my hand and said how much of a pleasure it was to meet me! he also said something pretty funny to me that made me laugh, he said "hey you know what, i really think that you look like Tom Cruise. Do a lot of people tell you that?" hahahahhahah no that was the first time anyone has ever said that to me! ha but i guess that's a good compliment right?
But all is well with me. I am sooo excited to call home this week! it will be great to hear all of your voices! love you all
Elder Thomas (Daniel)

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