Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Another wonderful week in KITALE! but not much to say this week.
But this week the rains came... and didn't want to leave!    But we had to cancel a lot of our appointments this week, just because of the rain.  When it rains here its almost impossible to do work.  The roads turn into strait mud and its impossible to get around.  And even if it looks like its going to rain people will cancel the appointment on us because its too difficult to get around in the rain (we set most of our appointments at  the church). But its ok because rain is a blessing!
But the work was good this week.  We were able to get a lot of work done out in Sikhendu.  We were able to go on splits again there this week, so i got to work with one of the members, Maxwell. This guy is so awesome! He is 22 yrs old and is preparing to go on a mission, so its really helping him a lot to be out working with us.  But he helped a lot with the work.  He was going for it! hah he wasn't shy or timid at all about teaching. If i would ask him to teach a principle or something, he was ok with it and really taught well.  It was fun working with him.  He wanted to talk to everyone and get numbers to meet with them again!!  it was cool to see him really engaged in helping and doing missionary work, i wish i would have been more like that when i was back home.  But i know he will be a great missionary. 
Sunday was my first week attending Kitale branch... so i was assigned to give a talk and be the concluding speaker. Ha the branch president told me that he assigned someone else to give a talk in the branch, but he said ''Ya so elder Thomas I know that this guy will not come, so can you prepare a talk?''... Yeah why not!! hah i was assigned to talk on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I felt like it went really well.  I just taught on the basics of it, Faith, Repentance, Baptism by immersion, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the end.  I thought i would just teach the fundamentals of it because a lot of the members are still really new and are learning, so i just wanted to talk about it enough so everyone had an idea of what it really is! So it went well and i felt like i did a pretty good job. 
One funny thing, but then again not funny.  So we have really been working with this less active guy named Benard lately.  He is a  security guard who works pretty close to the church.  We have visited with him a lot and have really tried to help him come back to church. We have been able to read the Book of Mormon with him and had really good visits with him.   We were really anticipating him coming to church, but he did not show up.  So we were sad about that.  BUT! right after church we came out of the meeting house talking with some members, and we see this guy walking out the front gate with a jembe (hoe) in hand, and its Benard! SO he came to church.... or i should say he came to the church.  At the church is a church shamba (farm/garden), for all of the members to use to grow things.  So he went to work in his shamba.... at the church.... on Sunday... not even coming inside to take the sacrament or to go to the classes.  When Elder Maduna saw him he was like ''HEY, STOP THERE!!'' ohhh snap he was mad!! haha then Benard tried to hide around the corner, but we went to talk to him.  We asked him what he was doing and he was just like super confounded haha. elder maduna said ''Now God is going to curse your shamba for sure!'' i was like ohhh snap.... haha but its true.  If we are not obedient, we can receive no blessings.  It was both funny and sad at the same time.  But afterwards i felt really bad, just that he was working on the sabbath, at the Lords shamba, not even coming to church.  Weird experience. Sometimes i don't understand people.  But we all have agency... but we need to use it very wisely!!
Yeah sorry nothing too interesting this week.  Our investigators are doing ok, having difficulty getting them out to church but we will work on it. We will have Zone Conference this week in Eldoret, so I'm excited for that! Love you all!! Have a great week!
Elder Thomas

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