Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Familia yangu,
Really nice week! Lots of gooood stuff.
So this week i got packed with stuff i had to plan for!! last Sunday i had to prepare a 15 minute talk, Tuesday i had to give a training for our district meeting, then on Wednesday me and elder Maduna had to prepare a training on Diligence for zone conference!  pretty overwhelmed but i learned a lot of things from preparing all this stuff.
But really the big highlight of this week was zone conference in Eldoret! Super spiritually uplifting.  President Hicken is sooo awesome! He is really trying to make this mission the best, by really focusing on Diligence and Obedience, 2 of the biggest aspects that make a missionary truly effective.  So me and elder Maduna were assigned to speak and talk about diligence.  I really focused on 3 attributes of diligence, being steady and consistent, earnest with the efforts, and begin energetic.  One scripture that i really liked that i came across and shared was D&C 127: 4.  Really felt like it applied to missionary work (even though its referring to temple work), and was just an awesome scripture.  But it was cool and me and elder Maduna did a good job, at least i felt like.  The rest of the trainings were focused on how to become better more effective missionaries.  President Hicken is a powerful teacher! really gets us motivated as missionaries to work harder and to do better.  I really respect him.  Also it was cool to see some guys i haven't seen in a long time, like Elder Nyambita, Ndaba, Simcock, and just some other missionaries that i am good friends with.  But it was a great conference and i really enjoyed it!
The work this week was ok.  A lot of appointments that got bounced, but also we had many good appointments as well.  Found an awesome new investigator named Kilpax! weird name but its ok because he is awesome.  We randomly got a text Tuesday night asking all sorts of questions about the book of Mormon and what it is.  So we called him and he said he was interested to meet with us and see what our church is all about. Had an awesome lesson with him the next day and he was super interested! He also came to church and said that it was really great.  Such a blessing that the Lord has blessed us with! We have a lot of investigators here in Kitale, but its awesome to really have one now who is so interested and energetic about the church.  Such a blessing!  Also had a baptism for one of our investigators, Derrick.  He is a cool 14 yr old kid who i got to help teach the final lessons to.  Both of his parents are members, so they really helped with the teaching.  He was really prepared and it was cool to see him get baptized.  We are also hoping to have some more baptisms by the end of this transfer, really working towards that. 
Two interesting stories.  On Friday we were in the Kitale market visiting some less active members at their veggie stands.  So we were just visiting, when we hear this guy making this big fuss off to the side.  At first i just thought it was just some drunk or crazy guy, because its such a common thing. But then we looked over and this guy selling some other things was trying to get our attention, so we started to walk over to him to see what was up, and as we got closer, we saw a Book of Mormon in his hands! So we speed up our pace towards him hahaah.  The guy told us that he had been given the book of Mormon 6 years ago and wanted to learn more about the church! so we talked to him for a while and talked a little bit about it and he asked some good questions.  BUT as we were about to leave, he started laughing, ha it was kind of weird so we just kind of looked at him, but then he said "haha I'm a pastor"...... what?? haha he said he was a pastor for some crazy name church i have never heard of before. Ya it was weird. Not sure if he was serious or just trying to make us say something bad  but hey at least he knows what the Book of Mormon is now!
Also. Some random guy showed up at church in Sikhendu.  Didn't speak a lick of English.  So when we went to visit with him after church, he told us why he came. He was told by his employer that our church could help him overcome some of his difficulties.  Which is true, we have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it will fix anything! Except for his concern... I'm not sure what could fix this.  He said that his problem was that while he was living in Uganda, a witch came to his family and bewitched all of them so he was wondering if our church could pray for him and un-bewitch him..... ummmm yeah.  I had no idea what to say to him.Ha wow! But don't worry this is a very common thing here in Kenya! People no joke believe this stuff. Its crazy!
Other than that all is good!

But a great week! I love you all!

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