Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30, 2014

Sasa wiki hii ulikuwa si mbaya. Sawa tu. Lakini Shida wengi!
Another interesting week in Kitale, full of wonderful and weird things. Some guy called me a devil this week, many times actually. It was quite interesting, but hey i just brushed off my shoulders! Also, our Ugandan investigators told us that if they came to church and took the sacrament, then their first born child would just die. Spontaneously com-bust.  There are some very interesting beliefs that people in Kenya have about our church, and its sad to see.  And what makes it worst is that most of the rumors come from pastors of other churches...  they don't like it when their members start coming to our church, mostly because those members aren't paying them anymore.
But ya! Unfortunately, we had to drop a few of our investigators.  They were just having a really hard time to keep commitments and come to church.  Frustrating to see, but everyone has their agency and others just need time.  So this next week we will be doing a lot more finding, really trying to find those who God has prepared to receive the Restored Gospel. 

This past week most of our lessons were with less active members. And there are lots of less active members in Kitale and Sikhendu! But they are all really cool people, but are just struggling with some commandments which makes them feel like they are not worthy to come.  Like Mama Daisy! This mama is awesome! But coming to church is a problem for her, and she wont tell us why.  But me and elder Maduna had a great lesson with here about being obedient to Gods commandments.  We kind of blasted her hah but she understood.  We really talked to her about being a good example to her small kids and also her husband, who is not a member.  We told her that he would never join if she was not setting the good example for him. It was really nice lesson and the spirit was there kabisa.  Hope we helped her to get back on track.  Also we have this Less active guy named Anthony who is super funny haha not sure if he is all there up top but hey he thinks that i am a red Indian, so that's pretty cool i guess.   Just thought i would throw that out there. 
Sunday was good.  Elder Maduna gave a 30 minute talk,  first two speakers spoke for 7 minutes combined so he had to take the rest of the time.  Also got a awesome new investigator, Pamela.  She was brought by her friend who is a member and is new to the branch.  We had a super great lesson with her about the restoration! She had lots of good questions and really wanted to know more about the church! So we are really excited to continue to teach her. 
Also saw President Edward (from Mautuma branch) this week! it was really cool to see him.  He had to go to Sikhendu for a meeting and we saw him and got to talk to him for a while.  He was mad that i hadn't gone on exchanges with the elders in Mautuma  i was like umm I'm not sure if i can do that but ya ill try haah.  It was really nice to see him, one of the most genuine guys I've meet in Kenya.
But the work is going well, still looking for those prepared by the Lord. But i love you all!! ALSO HAPPY LATE BDAY TO MY LIL SISTER EMMY!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!
Elder Thomas

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