Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Transferred to Kitale

Crazy week......... wow.
So to start we received transfer news this week.  I thought for sure that i would stay in Mautuma because i haven't really been here that long... but the Lord has other plans for me now! President Hicken called me Sunday night and said that i am going to Kitale! So I'm still in the same zone, but now i am also a Zone leader here with Elder Maduna from South Africa.  That was a real surprise but hey its all according to the will of the Lord, so its all good!
Even the entire week was pretty crazy and just interesting. Has to be one of the strangest weeks probably of my mission... and also life.  I think people were taking crazy pills around here.  But none the less we got a ton of work done!
One Tuesday we went on exchanges, so i went with elder Simcock. Me and him are really good friends, we were transferred together to Chyulu and also out here to Kitale zone.  But unfortunately he got sick so we weren't able to really see anyone at all... so we were mostly just at the flat. That kinda stunk.  And then it became difficult to exchange back, so elder Griffiths and Maduna had to come all the way to us  to exchange back.  So the exchange was a bust, but not much to do about it. 
So one of the things that we decide this past week as a  zone was to get 100 member present lessons total! we have 4 companionship's, so all of us had to get at least 25 each!   So me and Elder Griffiths put the pedal to the metal and worked kabisa!  We got a ton of help from the members as well! At all of our lessons we had a member there to help teach us.  The members of Mautuma are soo awesome.  They are super willing to help and love seeing new people come to church.  Its a great attitude that they have about the work and it really helps me to work harder to help the branch grow and become better.  Satan was trying to hinder the work by sabotaging my mountain bike! But no worries one of the members, actually our land lord Bro Busolo, lent us his Indian made iron horse bike!! I was sooo excited! Haven't ridden one of those bad boys since chyulu. But the hills did dominate me haha. None the less the work continued on! We were able to get 35 member present lessons in Mautuma and the zone got 107 total!!

We were able to split again on Saturday and really taught a ton of lessons. We have a super super awesome Investigator now, Josiah! Man he is one truly prepared of the Lord.  We have really been struggling to get serious investigators lately. But the Lord has blessed us with Josiah.  He is 25 yrs old and is a great friend to Bro Daniel from the branch.  He is really loving the  Book of Mormon, and has already prayed and received and answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God!! I was sooo happy when he told us that! Just shows how really motivated he really is to find the truth, because we did not even tell him to pray about that, he did it on his own.. ohhh yeeeeaah!! Really wish i could continue to teach him, such a cool guy.
But ya a lot of crazy things happened this past week! I'm excited to get to work in Kitale and help the people there to find the truth and come closer to Christ. I know without a doubt that this is truly the church of Jesus Christ.  We truly have his authority and the fullness of his gospel.  What a blessing that it is for us as members, that we don't have to worry about being lost in this world looking for the truth.
But i love you all!! Have a great week and CTR!!!
Elder Thomas

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