Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 10, 2014

First week in Kitale!
This week was pretty good.  On Tuesday i had to pack my things and get ready to leave Mautuma.  I also got to visit a few of the members, a lot of them were really shocked that i was leaving, because i hadn't been there for that long.  Even for me i was really sad to go. I really loved the members of Mautuma!!!! Such awesome people who really love the Gospel and also loved helping us missionaries.  But I'm happy I'm still in the same zone as Mautuma, i hope to go on exchanges there sometime in the future. 
But I'm enjoying Kitale!! I'm my area, we cover 2 branches, Kitale branch and Sikhendu branch ( Sikhendu is about a 45 minute matatu ride away... so its far!). But both branches are really awesome. President Kwendo, the branch president of Kitale is super helpful and is always going around with us to appointments.  In Sikhendu we have awesome members! We have about 6 or 7 guys who are always willing and wanting to help us do the work.  Like on Thursday, we went on splits, so i got to go with Tall Paul!! haha oh my goodness his name says it all! He is about 6'7" or  so and his hands are like a foot and a half long!!! man if this guy was from back home you would be seeing him posting up on Lebron James or something!! haha but it was awesome working with him.  He was really time conscious, trying to get in as many visits as possible, always asking "ok elder who we seeing next?". Such and awesome guy and I am happy that there are a lot of people like him in this area. We were able to get 40 member present lessons this week and hope to get 50 this next week.
As for investigators we have about 10 or so pretty good investigators that we are working with.  One of which is from South Sudan and also 4 sisters who are from Uganda, so we are getting international out here in Kitale!! Ha just kidding not really.  But we are really hoping to be having some baptisms soon within the next month and a half.  So we will see how things with that go! Just need to make sure that they are really prepared and ready. 
But i am loving my mission.  Really love helping others come unto Christ through his restored Gospel.  We are so blessed to have the fullness of the Gospel, because there are still so many people out there today searching for it but cant find it.  So its upon us as members to do our best to share the gospel with our friends and those around us. And obviously as we do so our Heavenly Father will bless us with joy and happiness!
But i love you all and have a great week!
Elder Thomas

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